Sequential bootloader and context for node applications

app-context is a simple, reusable application context and bootloader for your node.js applications. It provides a simple, structured way to initialize and run your application and scripts in a common environment. Initialization is split into run levels (similar to *NIX boot processes) and guarantee sequential execution of each run level and initializer within a run level. When your application code is run, the full context is always available at APP.

Just create your app-context.js and go!

module.exports = function() {
  // initializers that run at the configured run level
    // attach a local config file to the context (available later at APP.config)
    .use(function(context) {
      context.config = require('./config.json');

  // initializers that run at the connected run level
    // connect to mongodb using APP.config.mongodb (available later at APP.mongodb)
    .use('mongodb', '$mongodb')
    // connect to 2 redis servers (APP.config.redis.cache, APP.config.redis.sessions)
    // (available later at APP.redis.cache, APP.redis.sessions)
    .use('redis', {
      cache: '$redis.cache',
      sessions: '$redis.sessions'

  // initializers that run at the running run level
    // create, initialize, and start an express app

Integrated CLI

Use the built-in command line to easily run your application and scripts in a consistent environment. No extra code needed.

Reusable Initializers

Utilize initializers built by others or publish your own to npm and share them with the community.

Simplify Singletons

We all use them (I won't tell). Create your singletons before your app code loads and access them all from the standardized APP variable.

Ensure Database Connections

Stop letting your applications run without being sure they've connected to the database first. Bake your assertion logic into your initializers.